It all started with a
little Film camera and
a love affair with my Grandmother's closet.

Her work is inspired by editorial fashion, European architecture, and authentic moments ; A perfect combination of modern and timeless. 

As a hybrid photographer her couples enjoy
 the best of both worlds digital and film
have to offer. 

Her work is Inspired by editorial fashion, European architecture, and authentic moments ; A perfect combination of modern and timeless. Jennifer’s attention to detail and fascination for storytelling allows her to document your day as effortlessly and authentic as possible.

She is passionate about capturing moments of happiness and her adventurous wild heart will travel anywhere across the world to photograph love.  

Jennifer is a Luxury Wedding film and digital photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her style is best described as a blend of timeless images with an editorial feel.  

As a hybrid photographer her couples enjoy the best of both worlds digital and film have to offer. While digital is unmatched for its versatility and speed, with its beautiful texture and creamy tones, film provides a sense of nostalgia that is difficult to duplicate. Being able to transition seamlessly between both she is able to create a unique experience.

our signature style

Timeless, Romantic & Authentic
fleeting moments captured with
 an Editorial feel

Blending both Film and digital we document your day intentionally with a sense of nostalgia

behind the lens

What I 


It all started with a love affair of patterns, feathers, ruffles, and hues of pink! My love for fashion dates back to as early as I could dress myself. My late grandmother was a seamstress and some of my fondest memories are those of four year old me anxiously waiting to twirl around in a new dress fresh out of her sewing machine. Fashion has allowed me all the freedom to express myself.

i've been


We’ve been fortunate to visit the beautiful beaches along the Amalfi coast, experience the wonderful food and culture of Rome, photograph love in Paris, and captured sunsets on the beautiful island of Hawai’i ! 

Our bucketlist is endless so if you’re planning a destination wedding we’d love to join you in your next adventure!



Besides Mango Gelato, Vision boards are definitely up there! Being able to create and pull inspiration to have in one place makes the visual learner in me so happy. Whether big or small, I create one for every project and love incorporating them for my couples when planning session wardrobe/inspo. 


When I'm not photographing weddings, you can find me outdoors on my next adventure, planning my next project, learning a new trade, chasing sunsets or day dreaming about another stroll down the beautiful streets of Paris.  


tres chic



fashion is not something                               
 in dresses only. Fashion is                           
in the                , fashion has to do with               ,
the way we           , what is happpening.    

in the sky,

that exists



— coco chanel


Niki & Amir

She truly made my inspo 
come to life !

"We don’t know how to put in words how much we love our photos and the experience with Jennifer. Photography was a super important part of the wedding for us and I swear we look at our pictures around once a week. Jennifer went above and beyond to make our pictures perfect and they absolutely exceeded our expectations. "

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Maria & Thom

Dependable, amazing at her craft, and easy to work with

"Jennifer made us feel comfortable right away with her calm and gentle direction. She shared suggestions and knew the locations well and worked quickly to fit in many different shots. She just instills confidence, whether it’s to do with photography or other wedding/bridal needs. Thank you so much Jennifer for being a part of our wedding journey!"

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Tiffany & Byron

She truly made my inspo 
come to life !

"She was everything patient, calm, flexible, and caring. As for the photos, they are simply beautiful and amazing. We will definitely make use of them. If it is not clear yet, then words cannot really describe how valuable Jennifer and her team were to us. One of the best decisions we made for the wedding was choosing Jennifer. We are extremely grateful!

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Kim & Jesse

They treated me the way my own family would

"They treated me the way my own family would and that says so much about the way Jennifer runs her business. Everything about the process of working with Jennifer Trinidad Photography was spectacular."

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